CADchUP Wiki

CADchUP is a collection of stand alone apps for AutoCAD, BricsCAD and the likes - if there is proper LISP support.

The main apps are:

  • CUSTD, CADchUP Standard, an app for standardizing CAD and optimizing workflows in organizations for both single users and very large user groups.
  • CUFOR, CADchUP forensics, an app offering a toolbox for forensic analisys.
  • CUPRO, CADchUP Profiles, an app for drawing profiles in 2D and 3D, industry standard profiles (such as UNP), extruded profiles and cold rolled profiles. See

For professionals, occupied with forensics and traffic accident analysis, we offer a special site for users (Dutch spoken). Access is limited. Feel free to contact us if you are Dutch and from a governmental institution.

If you're interested in education you may want to contact ToLearn.IT to get an excellent base and help in specific situations.

NedCAD is the developer of CADchUP and also delivers hardware (green servers and workstations), commercial support, based on Linux and or Windows and or OS-X.

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