CADchUP Standard CUSTD

CADchUP Standard (CUSTD) is an app for standardizing CAD in your organization.

It boils down to two things:

  • A controlled way to open and create drawings by securing all kind of corporate settings like layers, lay-outs and printers.
  • An interface with buttons as an addition or replacement for the ribbon.

By doing so it stimulates and more or less forces people to follow a strict procedure to get to a final standardized product.

Standardization on organization level is mandatory:

  • If standardization is forces through the mouth of users, it will fail to work.
  • If standards are made based on broad consensus between co-workers in your organization, it will be successful.

CUSTD is a great tool for doing this. It it currently in use by the Dutch Police for forensic work. If you are interested, just get in contact with us.

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