Improvements and Fixed Bugs 2015

Unknown command MEXPLODE

  • Description: Mexplode comes up with: "MEXPLODE: unknown command" when viewed in F2.
  • Field: CUFOR
  • Workaround: none
  • Generated errors: none
  • Fix: removed bug from code base mexplode.
  • More: MEXPLODE relies on the standard EXPLODE command. This command is limited in LISP to only one object at a time so an empty return after select objects is unwanted. This created the error.
  • Related: none
  • Discovered: 2014-05-05
  • Solved: 2015-10-24

Make MEXPLODE faster

  • Description: MEXPLODE takes long on complex drawings, sometimes it looks like AutoCAD crashes, which it doesn't.
  • Field: CUFOR
  • Workaround: None, start second CAD session for this task and wait...
  • Generated errors: None, temporary frozen AutoCAD screen.
  • Fix: Optimized code. Created a better counter for left INSERT entities, i.e. omit counting inserts during while loops. A test case created 50 unnamed groups per second in the new situation.
  • More: This command can still really take a while, in a test it took 0.02sec to group elements of a block but took 1.2 sec when this block was part of an array. This test file was complex with thousands of blocks. This request is closed for the sake of considerable increased speed. However, if needed it can be optimized further by handling bottlenecks first, in this example, group the arrays first in order to not let arrays slow down grouping of underlying blocks.
  • Related: None
  • Requested: 2015-09-23
  • Status: fixed
  • Solved: 2015-10-27

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